Medical resort «Poltava-Krym»

Indulge yourself with healing rest in place with power cure of nature!
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Unique nature enviroment

Medical thalasso resort «Poltava-Krym» is located in a unique natural recreation of the Crimea, between an environmentally pristine sea and a curative lake, in a Saky-resort.

The gift of the Black sea

Healing brine and peloids of Saky are the main treating factors to cure the most serious illnesses. All range of thalassotherapy is actively used by health resort in medical practice.

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It's all about body and soul recovery

You can forget about all these problems having spent your vacation in a medical thalasso resort «Poltava-Krym».
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Diseases of the musculoskeletal system
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Peripheral nervous system
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Men and women sexual disorders
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Pneumatic hammer disease
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Urogenital system inflammatory
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Medical center

Medical center of thalasso resort Poltava-Krym fitted with sophisticated equipment which allows to precisely diagnose a condition and choose the best way of its treatment.

  • Ultrasonography;
  • Laboratory;
  • Functional diagnostics;
  • Osteodensitometry;
  • Spectral and dynamic analisis of the human body.

Alternative medicine

Here you can also try alternative medicine such as reflexotherapy, chiropractic ant other.

Endo-ecological rehabilitation

We possess the newest esthetic and preventive equipment as well as an appliance for endo-ecological rehabulitation.

Ozone therapy and HydraFacial procedures have a special place between others. These treatment technologies are very popular among TV and movie stars. Today everyone can try this antiage technology in medical thalasso resort «Poltava-Krym».

As a result you enjoy a long life full of beauty!

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Best conditions for you

Comfortable rooms («Standart»,«Junior Suite» and «Suite») ranging in blocks located in meters from own sandy beach, stretching as far as 350 m.

Tender clear sea, astonishing beauty of the park belt.

Here café, bars, a nursery, a gym, a sauna, thermal source and sea water pools are available best conditions for healing rest and relaxation.

Indulge yourself with recuperative rest in a place where you are cured by nature itself.

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